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[May. 31st, 2005|10:46 pm]
Slash' lover



Title: Slash slash your dead 1/?
Disclaimer: Jack the ripper is not mine neither is lost.
Summary: Someone is killing off young blonde's. Men and Women. There are only two people able to get into the killers head, but not before reaching into the deepest darks of insanity.
A/N: This chapter does not have slash in it, but there will be in future chapters, but for now it will be mostly angst. JACK THE RIPPER AU FIC. ALSO I COULD USE BETA IF SOMEONE WILL PLEASE. For  private____ryan who asked for a good fic.I hope this is good enough.</span>
The blonde's head swiveled around surveying were the noise had came from she turned back around, and continue her walk down the ally way.
She turned again swearing. "Fuck. If anyone's out there just show your self." Nothing no response. She turned her head back around before residing on the street corner. It didn't take long before a car pulled up.
Putting on her most innocent face she strode up to the car. "Do you want directions?" she asked winking, and the man in the car smiled in return before pooping the lock and letting her in.
She slid into the front seat with ease, and little caution. "I have a motel key," the older gentleman said shaking the key in front of her face with a wry smile. She snatched it in her smooth perfectly manicured hand.
She rose an eyebrow without speaking, and allowing him to drive her off to the motel. They reached their destination.
"Tacky" the hooker said stepping into the dimly lit hotel room.
The older man laughed as he removed his tie. "Your not one to talk madam" he commented laughingly, and pointed at her rainbow colored ensemble. "You look like a bad 80's flashback."
The girl sneered pulling her top off and positioning herself on the bed. "Then why would you pick me up?"
"Because your cheap and hear you give good blow job's,,"and smile was only slightly insulting.
"Let's just get this over with. No more talking." , She said sliding down her shorts to reveal her scantly clad private's. The man smiled discarding his shirt and pant's franticly and climbing on top of her.
She slid her underwear over giving him enough access to fuck her.
She slid her clothes back on, and tucking money into her bra. "This was fun and all really but I need for you to take me back to the corner," she said.
"Did you say coroner?" he asked.
"Umm no."
"To bad. That's the next place you'll be going, and with that he whipped a knife out of his pocket and sliding it around her neck, only giving her one-second to think,'How the hell did he hide that?', before all brain function was cut off.
The man picked up her body with ease, and slid it into the bathtub, before turning on the water, and rinsing all of his evidence of her body.
He left the body in the tube, with the room key shoved in her mouth. He then left the room, but not before taking the bed sheets, and of course getting his money back.