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Title: Imperfect perfecton. Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be.… - Slash all you want [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 17th, 2005|02:22 pm]
Slash' lover


Title: Imperfect perfecton.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be.

Summary: It was wrong. By every point of view in every place it was wrong..Michael/Jin

Korea was beautiful.

Sun was beautiful.

The sun, the sky, the earth, the sea. All beautiful. Each in they're own way.

Imperfect perfection all of them. Each flaw increasing the beauty. At least that was what he had thought before.

Jin really didn't have time to think about beauty or perfections. No time to think about anything really. Only the raft, and putting as much space between him and Sun as possible.

And when he isn't working on the raft he usese certain....................distractions.

Fishing, sleeping, fighting with Michael. All wonderful distractions. Not good enough.

At night when Walt. He thinks his name is Walt though Jin isn't sure. When ever the little one is gone they. Well it's not as though he is homosexual. Not at all. He had loved Sun, and for all acounts he still did.

It was wrong. By every point of view in every place it was rong. It was frowned upon in Korea. He knew also that ,though he never been there, it was frowned upon in America as well.

Though it is a tension reliver for the both of them it is still rong. Causes them to fight. Shout out random things niether understand, but they know what they mean.

And they are definatley not in love, becuase that just dosen't happen between them. Though they are friends now, which just make what they do even more rong. Even more.... discraisfull.

Though he notices Michael's silent beauty. And the thoughts that creep into his head scare him. Frighten him worse than any noise or monster ever could. " They fight like a married couple."

Someone had said that. Perhaps it had been the fat one. Sun had told him. He had ignored her untill she left. Then he laughed at the iorny of what the other's had said.

Though they were not and would never be a married couple. That thought was rong. Horrible in every scince. And amazing in every way.

It was scary, skin lurching, at the way these forigen thoughts intruiged him.

Michael was here again. Muttering words simple and he couldn't understand them, but he knew what he was asking. They were going to go through the same routien.

They went into the cover of the jungel. Thier spot. They stripped each other of thier clothes. Mouths ,and teeth clashing in brutal fury. They pull apart now fully naked and panting.

He can't breathe. The moon reflecting off of Michale's dark body is both enchanting and disturbing.

They clash together again flesh and limbs flying, and Michael groans. A soft ,but manly efuriating, and arousing grunt.

Jin decides the sound ,along with it's owner, is beautiful.

From: _after
2005-05-31 03:53 pm (UTC)
Could be good, probably a good idea to get this beta-ed though. Lots of spelling mistakes. A bit of care never goes amiss :)
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